Lhamo Tsering


Lhamo is from Morang village in Mustang, Nepal, and she is the crafter of the synthetic Mustang pangden. She has been weaving only since 2014. She learned to weave by watching others and working together with them to develop her skills. The material she uses is locally sourced and is woven on her handcrafted loom.



..About the People of Mustang


       On the border between Nepal and Tibet among the upper reaches of the Kali Gandaki river lies the Kingdom of Lo, called "Mustang" in Nepal. In the 14th century the king of Mustang declared Mustang an independent state, making Lo Mantang (བློ་སྨོན་ཐང་), its capital town.Prior to the declaration Mustang was part of Tibet. Though Mustang is geopolitically within Nepal, culturally the people are Tibetan. The people of the upper Mustang, known as Loba/Lowa, live in one of the most remote places of Nepal, but roads have been developed in the past decade. The arid valley of Mustang is caused by incredible daily winds rushing from south to north up the river bed as the sun raises the ground temperature. This wind prevents much of the precipitation and moisture from penetrating the area, which creates an almost desert mountainscape. The Loba herd goats, sheep, and yak, as well as the crossbreed "dzo" that is a mix of cow and yak. The people are reknowned horsemen with annual inter-village riding competitions.