Retailer FAQs

Hello! We know you have questions regarding next steps once you have decided to carry The White Yak, and so we hope this will answer all of your important questions! If you have any more questions please send us an email at
Q: I know I want to carry The White Yak, so what is my next step?
A:Once you have decided you want to place a wholesale order you will email us at expressing your interest and your company information. You will then create an account here on the website. 

Q: Are there any requirements for the order I place?
Yes! We have an order minimum of ten pieces. It can be any combination of products we currently offer, but it must be at least ten.
Q: What is an "Advanced Payment" and what does it have to do with shipping?
A:Because we have to comply to Nepali law we are not allowed to ship to the United States without proof of payment via our bank statement. Without receiving your payment we are unable to ship your order.

An excerpt from the Ministry of Commerce:
Under the Foreign Exchange (Control) Act and Rules, exports are permitted only against advance payment or documentary credit (L/C) to ensure that the payment for the goods is received in Nepal. Therefore, Nepalese Customs releases export shipments only after verifying the bank certificate of advance payment or L/C copy certified by a commercial bank.
Q: How will I pay for the order I place?
A:Because we operate out of Nepal we are only allowed to accept wire transfers as payment. Once you have completed the order form via email, we will send you a follow-up email consisting of the invoice for your purchase and banking information that allows you to transfer to us. 
Q: So after I place my order and transfer funds, then what?
We ship your gorgeous goods to you! We are using UPS here in Nepal and we will be able to send you tracking information that will allow you to see where it is and expected delivery date!

Q: Great! Anything else important I need to know?
Yes! Because international shipping is involved so is customs. If for any reason taxes or customs fees are incurred we are NOT responsible for those charges.

We are so excited to share our products with you, and hope you know what an incredible impact your purchase has on the people here in Nepal!

Thank You!
The White Yak