Pemma Lhamo




Pemma is from the village of Dak, Nepal and is the crafter of the Kamarang kethkap (another name for pangden). She learned to weave from her mother’s younger sister and has been weaving for 22 years. Pemma now resides in Kathmandu with her husband and child and takes pride in promoting Kamarang culture. The unique Kamarang kethkap is said to be “like a peacock” due to its colors and the way it is worn.

 About the Kamarang People


The Karmarong people of Nepal live in Mugu district close to the border of Tibet.  They main village of Mugu is over 11,000 feet above sea level.  This region of northwest Nepal is isolated from most outsiders due to the difficult travel necessary to get there.  The people live in three story homes made of stone and wood.  The animals live on the ground floor and the family lives on the top floor.  The Karmarong people are Tibetan Buddhist but they do not consider themselves Tibetan.